About LeakLess

Since 1989 we have been helping industrial companies to open their eyes on how much leaking compressed air costs, and from 1999 also helped to find leaks. Since the service that Winkler & Sundberg AB offered was very popular, it helped the company to grow stronger and bin called  LeekSeek to give it an own brand  in W&S -Winkler & Sundberg AB, as still worked with  industrial hose management with the help of for example hose reels for all types of hose.

Between 2005 and 2008 there was disagreement within the company and a number of new companies with mostly the same concept for air leaks appeared. It was good for the development, approach and especially for information and accessibility of leakage techniques that became much better for our customers. We did, however, change the name of the service to LeakLess®, which is exactly what we want our customers' compressed air network to successively become, with our help.

In order to satisfy the information needs that are required for handling leak detections and especially for the repair process, we have developed a database where each individual customer has his data in a LeakLess® system. We have assumed that the system should be easy to use even if you don’t use it every day, which our customers have appreciated. Please, call us and we'll tell you more, the system is also available for those who want to perform leak detections themselves!

For a company to succeed in an action program aiming to reduce compressed air consumption, it is essential that everyone who comes into contact with compressed air, either as a user, manager, engineer or person responsible for maintenance, understands the factors that control the compressed air costs. Everyone should to some degree be involved in the work and understand that reducing the consumption of compressed air is not just a matter of significant costs for the company, but also a question of productivity, reliability, quality, environment, work environment and safety.

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