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Increasing number of companies has discovered that efficient hose handling means more than improved security. The hose will last up to 5 times longer if a reel is used correctly, and thus the hose leaks less. The work goes faster and the hose is easier to manage when it is not located in a "snake's nest" on the floor. Even cleaning is easier and quicker, pallet jacks and trucks won’t have to run over or be restricted by hose that is in the way. The workplace is simply better and it’s noticeable.

Which hose reel you choose or need depends on your work situation. In our range there is everything from simple manual reels to unique ReelSafe ® which are the safest and most user-friendly reels available, if we may say so.

Even if you use hose reels, it is unfortunately the case that all compressed air systems leak to some degree. The "acceptable" level of leakage you decide yourself, but we believe that a zero tolerance always ensures that all employees are working towards the same direction. Everyone knows that you should do something about it, yet it is often difficult to get to the right solution. We installed leak detection and measures in a system called LeakLess ®, with which we can help you to start up or to annually follow up your equipment. Read more under Leak detection.




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