The market’s safest and widest range of hose reels?




Electric controllunit/ transformer

The electric Reeelsafe reels comes complete with an  controll unit with a switsch for start the upwinding , it`s even an transformer from 230 volt to 12/24 volt.




Remote control

To remotely control the hose reel is becoming increasingly common due to practical and purely safety reasons. With remote control handling heavy hose gets very easy because you can control both roll-in and -out with a pocket format key fob. Placement opportunities are getting more and often better. You can, for example, place the hose reel directly above the work place. The tube is called down without even having to move the floor. The remote control that can be connected to a magnetic valve also controls other functions such as switching on and off of media, in many applications it is a safety factor, for example, if the hose would break when using hot water, high pressure or chemicals. Moreover, one can work with the unpressurized hose which makes the hose easier to pull out and work with. The remote control is CE and EMC certified and individually coded for use of multiple devices without interfering with each other.




Control unit for compressedair driven ReelSafe 

The control unit comes complete with all air-driven ReelSafe. It consists of a regulator, air filter, lubricator &joy /stick. Speed and torque are controlled using the regulator. The joystick is used for rolling-in the hose. It connects directly to an existing compressed air network.




        FS-4 - a wide range of user-friendly remote controls 

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 The functionality of the products is as varied and versatile s are the needs of our customers.              FS-4  is more than a product for electric driven hosereels , it`s  easy to use and price worthy remote control which you can use on the most common applications.

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