The market’s safest and widest range of hose reels?

High pressure


5000 series high pressure

Stainless is a robust and reliable hose reel. Both technical construction and material are adapted to satisfy the food industry's high standards for trouble free, continuous operation and safety. With 5000 series in stainless steel, you get a hose reel of the highest quality which means lower hose costs, improved efficiency and safety.

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2700 series - high pressure

It is a robust hose reel intended for harsh industrial operation. The open design makes it easy to adjust the spring force and replace hose without disassembling the reel. This means substantial savings in terms of reduced maintenance time and less downtime. Both material and technical construction are suitable for continuous trouble-free operation and safety. All component parts are carefully selected and controlled to allow heavy use under high pressure without leaks. Hose steering is adjustable and provides the hose with the ideal raceway regardless of location. With 2700 series you get a hose reel of the highest quality that gives you the lower hose costs and better efficiency for years to come.

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