The market’s safest and widest range of hose reels?

Reelsafe - hosereel

ReelSafe  a safe product

More and more companies have discovered that efficient hose handling is more important than increased security. The hose will last longer and leak less, work faster and is easier to handle, even cleaning is easier. Pallet jacks and trucks won’t drive over or restrict hose that is lying in the way. The workplace simply looks better.

Which hose reel you choose depends on your work situation. Our range includes everything from simple manual reels to unique ReelSafe that are the safest and most user friendly reels available.

Only a few years ago you could only have spring-driven hose reels to choose from. If you ever used roller blinds you can understand the principle. If you let loose long roller blinds, you also know what safety problems can occur. Today you can choose safer, more user-friendly technology. ReelSafe is a series of hose reels without roller blinds’ features. The hose is easy to pull out, easy to secure, and it won’t lash back at you when dropped. It's obvious why companies like Volvo, Astra, SSAB, VME, Arla and others replace their spring-driven hose reel with ReelSafe.

Time and safety are key factors when selecting hose reels. Please contact us for more information on what reels are the most suitable for your business.


ReelSafe - hosereels for all kind of industry

For many companies, an investment in ReelSafe is a decision made due to safety reasons and for improvement of the work environment. For other companies it’s only an investment in a situation where the financial benefits decide.

To remove the hose from the floor means more than just prevent hose- and tripping hazards. More and more companies have discovered that a well-considered and rational management of hose is a matter of economics.

The hose will last longer and leak less. Significant time savings are achieved by a considerably easier and more efficient management. Long and heavy hose can be rolled up in seconds and you will avoid handling the tangled and dirty hose. At the same time it’s the out of the way, neatly stored and easily accessible when needed.

Get acquainted with ReelSafe - the safe and economical way to handle long and heavy hoses.

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