The safety of the products comes not from being CE-certified but from the technology

Safety and function

ReelSafe fulfills without reservations health and safety requirements of machine directives. The accident risks associated with spring-driven reels are eliminated by new technology and safer construction. This means that ReelSafe meets both existing and future security requirements. The operator is not exposed to necessary risk, and at the same time gets a reel that is easier to work with.

When the hose reel is easy to use, you, of course, use it. That means less hose on the floor which is the whole idea behind the hose reel. Below you will find a brief description of some of the details that make ReelSafe safer to work with, but also a picture of the technical possibilities available to make a hose handling more efficient.


Electronic locking systems

Pull out the length of hose that is needed and stop. As simple as that. You don’t need to look for locking positions and there are no mechanical parts that make a noise. A small indicator on the drum goes off as soon as hose is in the locked position. Clear, easy and safe.



The intelligence is in the board

It is the circuit board in ReelSafe that controls motor with help of impulses. Here you can set a start and stop times or connect button and remote control.




Provides a constant, low and safe rolling-in speed. Also means that with electronic help you can control rolling-in and -out.



Encapsulated circuit board

In addition to the outer lid, the circuit board is encapsulated for added protection in environments. This is a standard on all stainless steel models.


Button control .Connect a button control to the circuit board and control both rolling-in and -out with a simple push of the button. Perfect if the reel is positioned on the ceiling. Also available with default settings where you set how long should the hose roll out and then press the button. You work absolutely without roll resistance.



Remote control

Remote control is in high demand. It can be connected directly to the circuit board. Control multiple functions such as rolling-in and -out with alteration of pressure, switch media off and on. Place, for example, the reel on the ceiling and call down the hose.


Slip clutch

With a slip clutch you can pull out the hose with constant and low roll resistance, it saves the engine when it slips if the resistance is too high.



Stainless steel swivel and shaft

Swivel and shaft are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion and leaks. This means less maintenance and greater reliability.

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