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7 good reasons why your company may be in need of hose reels!


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Reduced air leaks

Leaks in hoses and fittings cause unnecessary pressure and energy losses. Hose and couplings that are not dragged and thrown on the floor last longer and leak less. A proper hose management offers significant improvements and financial savings.

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Reduced hose wear

Hose lying on the floor is constantly exposed to wear-and-tear. You can step on, kick and run over it. Expect that hose in a reel lasts at least 4-5 times longer if used right.

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Fewer accidents

Hose lying on the floor significantly increases the risk of accidents. Furthermore, someone can stumble upon it so badly that it will lead to sick leave because the hose is in the "wrong" place. Hose reel not only reduces the risk of tripping hazards, it also helps with hose rupture and leak damages.

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A lot of unnecessary time is spent on fixing hose tangles. Hose swapping, cleaning, finding the right hose and rolling it up by hand takes considerably more time than most people expect. That is why proper hose management saves a lot of time.

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Increased efficiency

A rational hose management creates efficiency. The hose disappears from the floor where it can hinder a space around machines and workplaces. With reels you will have hose where you want it and at the length you need. It won’t tangle and is cleaner and easier to work with.

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Rail systems

Hose reel in combination with rail systems provides excellent hose management solutions for mobile work places and large areas. Solutions that improve the work both ergonomically and economically.

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Special rollers

We often develop customized solutions. For example, higher pressure, longer hose lengths, custom dimensions, power, button and/or remotely controlled, vacuum, hydraulics, etc. Almost all the hose can be rolled up. We can certainly find a solution for your hose handling problems.

How and where do I find the right hose reel?

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