Why leak detection

It is one of the fastest ways to start saving energy!

Like many other things, most can detect leaks themselves with some kind of instrument or if you have lots of time, by listening and using leak detection spray. The problem here is that it’s not always a priority or a lack of time, when the most important thing is to get the daily tasks completed, and it can be difficult to find someone who is willing and have time to be responsible for the leak detection.

With our help all the leaks will be found, documented and photographed. With us you not only get repairs, you also get an estimated repair time. It is unnecessary to engage staff to fix leaks that is not available during the allotted time. Since you also get a material requirements listed, you can customize both purchase and personnel after the estimated time as well as availability. It saves you a different kind of energy!

The idea is not that we will only find out how much / little it leaks. We want to help you to find out the potential savings that can be achieved with you. By tackling and following up each leak point after we performed leak detection, with or without our help, you will see the result in LeakLess® system as soon as it is registered. After a few years there will be only one inspection per year, which will hopefully show that your equipment is on the leakage level that we have agreed on from the start.

We usually compare the leak detection of compressed air & gases by cleaning & plumbing. If one does not have time to clean or repair water leaks, it is a common practice to hire external staff, otherwise it often turns into a chaos and a less pleasant place to work. It has been easier to allow compressed air leak if you do not have time, but there are more and more companies that realize the benefits of using us due to a lack of time or knowledge.

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